Our long time experience comprises the following practise areas:

Our experience for your rights!

We advise and represent our clients all over Germany since more than 60 years. We have specialized in labour-, traffic-, insurance, inheritance- and privat building law. Due to our high specialization, decades of experience, continuing education and extensive research resources of jurisdiction, we can quickly and efficiently work out solutions for you and represent your interests in court.  We also advise you to prevent long and expensive law suits. From the beginning, you will get a realistic evaluation of your possibilities and the costs. Our clients are employers, employees, managers, CEOs, manufactures, craftsmen, freelancer, victims of accidents and individuals.  Due to our longtime european network, we can represent you and enforce your interests alle over Europe. 

Attorneys at law

Our lawyers are highly scilled and experienced to advise you and represent your interests in court. [more]

How to find us

We are located in Aachener Street 326 in 50933 Cologne, near Aachener Street/Guertel. [more]